Tiger Spirit Dance Team

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Dance Team

Seniors: Ella Jacobs, Lauren James  Juniors: Lauren Fragale, Jessica Rangel  Sophomores: Reagan Petersen, Caiely Evans, Emerson Boyd, Hope tilley, Jade Null  Freshman: Brianna Baker, Helen Fowler
2021 Camp at Mississippi State University
2021 Regional Competition

Being a member of the Hernando High School Tiger Spirit Dance Team is an honor and a privilege.  Dancers are dedicated to performing at the highest level each time they take the field or floor; bringing entertaining, challenging routines for our crowds to enjoy.  Dancers are dedicated in their role as leaders of school spirit. Dancers will promote school spirit and support our athletes at every game.  Dancers exemplify sportsmanship, citizenship, wholesome and enthusiastic school spirit.


Mission Statement:

The mission of HHS Tiger Spirit Dance Team is to support the athletic programs, to lead the school in the development of spirit and pride, and to serve as role models for HHS students. Dancers will demonstrate good sportsmanship between schools during all games/events.

2022-2023 Dancers

Senior: Alexis Agner  Juniors: Alaina McElhaney, Lauren James, Ella Jacobs   Sophomores: Lauren Fragale, Jessica Rangel Freshman: Reagan Peterson, Cailey Evans, Ava Tabor   8th graders: KamiClair Richardson, Brianna Baker, Helen Fowler

2021-2022 Dancers

Freshman: Nataly Tello, Lauren Fragale    Sophomores: Marianna Fulcher, Ella Jacobs    Juniors: Anna D Landrum, Alexis Agner    Seniors: Jahirra Eddie, Michaela Bush, Kadance Keel, Ashtyn Farris

2020-2021 Dancers

Freshmen: Lily Thompson, Marianna Fulcher, Maria Fulbright, Peyton Donovan, Ella Jacobs   Sophomores: Bethany Wilder, Caroline Mosley, Alexis Agner, Anna Denton Landrum      Juniors:  Kadance Keel, Madison Belk, Michaela Bush, Faith Wood, Kate ColemanAs Seniors ; Caitlin Thompson, Kaya Christian


2019-2020 Dancers


Alexis Agner, Keeley Gibbs, Madison Belk, Michaela Bush, Bethany Wilder, Caroline Mosley, Caitlin Thompson, Kayla Christian, Addison Kuykendall, Amaya Johnson, Faith Wood, Kadance Keel

Dance Team